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Aviation Consulting

Aircraft Dismantling and Disassembling 

Dismantling Services:

  • N & P evaluates aircraft necessity of dismantling and maintaining industry standards and safety lawsSalvage and recovery of reusable components.
  • We provide certified aircraft spare parts from trusted suppliers, ensuring the quality and safety.
  • We concentrate on salvaging and dismissed aircraft parts to improve value and reduce waste.

Disassembling Service:

  • N & P lets aircraft owners schedule the disassembly process, implementing safety concerns, time limits, and logistical issues.
  • We analyse dismantled components and identify pieces that must be repaired, replaced, or refurbished.
  • We are experts in removing aircraft components, including the engines, aviation, aircraft landing gear, and interior fittings.


Engine Dismantling

Engine Dismantling

N & P is working with an FAA-approved engine shop with capabilities to perform complete/partial/modular teardown on CFM56-3/5/7 engines. The facility is located in Medley, Florida and has integrated an extremely knowledgeable and licensed team to satisfy our customer needs, our engineering team is a step ahead on developing tooling and documentation to ensure your project is done at a level of high integrity and quality. Within our capabilities, we can also provide.

  1. CFM56-3/5/7 Video Borescope inspections.
  2. Trace Review/Lease return/AD/SB verifications /engine modifications.
  3. A detailed workscope, detailed to customer needs, modular, piece part will always have customer involvement as our priority.
  4. Currently, running machining and CNC machinery full throttle to manufacture CFM56 tooling.
  5. We are FAA and ISO certified.
Aviation Management Services

Aviation Management Services

● Engine tear down
● Engine lease return and pre buy inspection for aircraft
● Current status of airframe: engines, apu, landing gear, components
● Current status of applicable airworthiness directives and service bulletins
● Current status of major repairs, alterations, modifications, STC’s
● Current certificate of airworthiness and any import / export certificate
● Current signed non incident statements by an operator
● Provide 8130 and easa 1, documents for time controlled components hrs and  cycles
● Evaluate current maintenance program for compliance with MSG 3
● Visual inspection of airframe, engines, components, systems and interior
● Arrange, if needed a boroscope of engines and APU

Aviation Consulting

Aviation Consulting

Elevate your aviation endeavors with our comprehensive aviation consulting services. Our seasoned experts bring a wealth of industry knowledge to guide you through regulatory compliance, operational efficiency, and strategic planning. Whether you’re a startup navigating the complexities of aviation regulations or an established organization seeking optimization, we tailor our consultancy to meet your specific needs. From safety management systems to airspace analysis, our team is committed to enhancing your aviation venture’s success. Partner with us for expert insights and customized solutions that soar above the competition.

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